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Van Eekhout Group

Since our establishment in 1994, we have been the partner of choice for companies and company consultants.

Our group consists of six companies that have their own dedicated team of specialists in the field of Employee Benefits, Pension Consultancy, Legal Services, Risk Management and Private Clients.

These companies represent six different disciplines that are able to operate closely together, if required, and share the same values:

Excellent advice and service
High level of knowledge and professionalism
Company management
Clear communication
Long-term relationships

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Employee Benefits

Terms and conditions of employment explained

We are a consultant for companies, accountants and advisors alike on the ideal package of employee benefits. Plans for retirement, disability and health are often a complex matter. It’s our job to give you a clear view of these matters and to make them manageable. The result is a package of employee benefits that provides clarity and is tailored to each individual company.

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We are a consultant for companies and enterprises for both group and individual pension plans. Our team of consultants conducts a great deal of research into new options, anticipating new legislation. They compare existing pension plans and design plans with new features using sophisticated planning tools. The benefit to you is insight into the costs per employee, in terms of risks and returns.

It’s not unusual for employers to wrestle with the requirements of employee benefits: laying down the terms and conditions of employment in a proper way and keeping them up to date. These include provisions that are administered by external parties, such as a pension plan, long-term disability risk covers and short-term illness covers.

Van Eekhout & Partners offers the complete range of assistance in these matters and will take away a lot of your worries. This assistance includes a complete support package, for instance, in matters of administration and communications.

This is home to the legal specialists of the Van Eekhout Groep. The field in which we operate is the relationship between the employer and the employee (Human Resources) in the small cap companies in the Netherlands.


We can assure you of continuous company operations in the long term with our balanced risk management service.
Please ask us about Van Eekhout & Vloemans’ activities.[:nl]Wij zijn gespecialiseerd in het adviseren, assisteren, trainen en coachen/begeleiden van ondernemingsraden, directies en HR-managers.


If this is your first encounter with Holland, you may feel puzzled by Dutch social security. Holland has a long tradition in care and social benefits. In recent times, the role of Dutch government has become less extensive as it used to be, but still the Dutch system of social security rates among the best in the world.


Life can be a risky business. How much or how little may depend on your view of risks. You may consider risks a threat to dear achievements, or you may see risks as an opportunity in life. Whatever your view on this matter, there are insurance covers available to eliminate some of the consequences of risks in life. The need for a particular insurance cover depends on the individual. For us this means: insurance cover is always a customised solution.