About us

Van Eekhout Group

Since our establishment in 1994, we have been the partner of choice for companies and company consultants.

Our group consists of six companies that have their own dedicated team of specialists in the field of Employee Benefits, Pension Consultancy, Legal Services, Risk Management and Private Clients.

These companies represent six different disciplines that are able to operate closely together, if required, and share the same values:

  • Excellent advice and service
  • High level of knowledge and professionalism
  • Company management
  • Transparent
  • Clear communication
  • Long-term relationships



We are able to maintain these values, because we’re not dependent on any providers. From the large number of potential products and services we provide, we offer the ones that are most in keeping with your situation and requirements, taking into account your short-term and long-term interests. It may be that you do not require a particular solution, however, in which case we will try to create a suitable solution on the spot, in collaboration with our partners.

There’s no obligation to purchase a product or a service with any provider, so you will be at the centre of our operations and we will be guided by the choice you make. During this process, we will keep an eye on the complete picture, tailoring our products and services in such a way that the result will be the best possible solution for you in terms of costs and returns. The result will not miss out any of your essentials. This is our definition of dedicated financial services.


Transparency is evident from the way in which we are rewarded for our work. Before starting the work on your behalf, we will reach an agreement with you in respect of the work we will do and what we expect to be paid for it, which will give you an idea of the bill you can expect to receive in advance. Sometimes it is possible to agree upon our payment through the providers of the products and services you purchase, in which case, we will compensate you if you were previously charged for any work undertaken by us.

Rewarding our employees

All of our employees have a fixed salary, without any variable components such as commission. They do not have any minimum sales requirements and their salaries are in line with usual business standards.

Standard services document

This website contains the standard services document; a document that is compulsory for all financial service companies working in the Netherlands. Because it has been standardised, it is limited to offering general and average information only. It also describes the operating process in general terms. In reality, the price of the services we provide for you will be tailored to your specific situation at all times.

The financial services authority

The financial services authority in the Netherlands, AFM, is the body appointed by law to supervise the professionalism and integrity of services offered by financial advisors, amongst others. We are registered with the AFM under number 12003667. The register for licensed advisors may be consulted at www.afm.nl.

We do our utmost to provide you with the services you require. Should you have a complaint about any of the services we provide, however, and despite joint efforts to reach a solution, you are free to contact this – an independent body that will evaluate your complaint.