Employee Benefits

Terms and conditions of employment explained

We are a consultant for companies, accountants and advisors alike on the ideal package of employee benefits. Plans for retirement, disability and health are often a complex matter. It’s our job to give you a clear view of these matters and to make them manageable. The result is a package of employee benefits that provides clarity and is tailored to each individual company.

We offer:

  • Support for the administrative process
  • Advice on and realisation of a communication plan for your employees
  • Personal plans for employees
  • Insight into all the costs associated with employee benefits

For employers

It’s not unusual for employers to wrestle with the requirements of employee benefits: laying down the terms and conditions of employment in a proper way and keeping them up to date. These include provisions that are administered by external parties, such as a pension plan, long-term disability risk covers and short-term illness covers.

Van Eekhout & Partners offers the complete range of assistance in these matters and will take away a lot of your worries. This assistance includes a complete support package, for instance, in matters of administration and communications.

For advisors

Many advisors use our services when it comes to advice and communication in relation to terms and conditions of employment. These services are available for accountants, tax specialists and insurance agents.