We are a consultant for companies and enterprises for both group and individual pension plans.

Our team of consultants conducts a great deal of research into new options, anticipating new legislation. They compare existing pension plans and design plans with new features using sophisticated planning tools. The benefit to you is insight into the costs per employee, in terms of risks and returns.

Our actuarial specialists are highly educated, well-trained and experienced, creating an extra dimension in a service that offers a clear insight into and a sustainable balance in terms of expenses, investments and provisions within the existing plans for our clients, as well as for the plans under development.

Are you ultimately responsible for pension consultancy? Or are you an accountant or advisor? If so, you may encounter complexities in pension matters and constantly changing circumstances.

Legislation, economic conditions and your clients’ company situation are all factors that affect how to manage your pensions.

What are the consequences in terms of costs and returns in your pension plan? Insight into these matters is essential if you are to make a careful decision on how to set up the pension plan and what to include in or omit from the contract with the pension administrator. Efficient operations, as well as good and timely communications, are vital to these aspects.