Legal Services

Legal advice

This is home to the legal specialists of the Van Eekhout Group. The field in which we operate is the relationship between the employer and the employee (Human Resources) in the small cap companies in the Netherlands.

The field of expertise in legal services is continuously changing, and this is something that we keep track of on your behalf. You are an entrepreneur and give nothing less than your best for your company. It’s not unusual not to have enough time to follow all the changes in rules and regulations. This is
especially true, because the Dutch administrator is reducing its commitment in the markets and leaving increasing responsibility to you as a company stakeholder. Our knowledge of rules and regulations will save you a lot of time and money. We can agree services with you on a fixed-fee basis, thereby helping you to avoid any surprises. We will help you with practical solutions rather than academic discussions.

Labour Issues

We provide legal advice in the event of labour issues, such as:

    • Employment contracts
    • Set-up of personnel files/Advice on transitional compensation
    • Checking of collective labour agreements (CAOs)

  • Leave or rights to paid absence
  • Improper behaviour, such as disruption, sexual harassment or discrimination
  • Sickness-related absences and re-integration

Absenteeism and reintegration

We offer legal assistance in the event of sickness-related absences and re-integration. Our advice is key to reducing your loss and the forthcoming risks of sickness and disability. We put this to effect with the following services:

  • Scrutinising the decision of the WHK, the social security fund that aims to assist disabled employees in their return to work, and objecting to this decision.
  • Analysing cost reductions in respect of contributions, no-risk policies and recourse.
  • Filing objections to and appealing against the UWV’s decisions.
  • Setting up short-term illness management, including management policies.
  • Giving legal advice on risk limitation for long-term disability.

This includes advice on:
° Sanctions that apply in the event of a long-term disability
°  Prevention of wage sanctions and reducing the term of sanctions
°  Amendment of labour contracts after two years of illness/disability
°  Conflicts between employers and employees